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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could you tell me what movie will be playing on a specific date?

No, Cinema & Drafthouse schedules movies on a weekly basis, so future playdates are unavailable. The management of Cinema & Drafthouse apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause, but, as a second-run theater, we must wait until the first-run theaters' grosses are reported before we are allowed to schedule our movies.

2. Do you do birthday parties/corporate events/reunions/holiday parties, etc.?

Absolutely! Please see our "Special Events" page for more specific information. 

3. If one member of our group is under 21, and the rest are over 21, can we all attend a movie?

Cinema & Drafthouse's policy is that all patrons must be 21 or over unless they are with their parent or legal guardian. To act as someone's guardian, a person must be 28 years or older. Therefore, if someone is 19 years old, he or she will be denied admission, unless someone in his/her group is 28 or older. This is a non-negotiable policy, and anyone under 30 must be prepared to provide ID. Also, parents may not purchase tickets for their children and then leave the theater; all parents must stay with their children and sit in close proximity to the minors.

4. Does Cinema & Drafthouse accept credit cards?

Yes, you can use any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) both at the ticket booth and for food/drinks inside the theater. ($10 minimum)

5. Does Cinema & Drafthouse take reservations?

We will accept reservations for groups of 8 or more. Please call 570-455--2455 option #2 for more information. If you are concerned about getting a seat, please arrive early to purchase your tickets. Tickets go on sale 45 minutes before the scheduled showtime.

6. Are Gift Certificates available?

Cinema & Drafthouse sells gift certificates in any denomination. We can also customize your Gift Certificates to meet the needs of your group. In the past, we have sold certificates that included admission to a movie, one soft drink, and a small popcorn. Please contact Sybil ( for more information about specialty certificates.

7. I'm allowed to bring candy into the theater, especially if I'm planning to order additional food, right? Or, I have dietary restrictions (diabetes, allergies, etc.), so I must bring my own food.

No, Cinema & Drafthouse does not allow ANY outside food or beverages into the theater. Please respect that we are a full-service restaurant, and the only way we can keep our doors open is through patrons ordering items from our menu. We will do our very best to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. We cannot make exceptions to this rule. If you are found with outside food/beverages, you will be asked to leave the theater, and no refunds will be given.

8. Do you have a senior/child's rate for admission?

No, the price of admission ($5.00 for regular movies, $6.50 for digital 3D) is the same for everyone.

9. How do things work here?

-Purchase your movie ticket from the ticket booth.
Enter the theater and sit where you like. Menus are on the tables and counters.
-A waitress will come to take your drink order and let you know of any specials we may be offering.
-When the waitress returns with your drinks, she will take your food order.* See note below
-Feel free to order additional drinks/food/dessert throughout the movie.
-Approximately 25 minutes before the movie ends, your waitress will give you your bill. Please provide payment (cash or credit card) in a timely fashion. It is imperative that our waitstaff have all of their money collected before the film ends. 

*Note: All food orders are cooked in the order in which they are received. Although you may have ordered something simple, such as French fries, if you were the last one to arrive for the movie, you will be the last one to receive your food order.